My recent work is made from birch plywood and oil paint.  Ever since I
can remember, I’ve been
About 8 years ago, I decided to incorporate wood into my work, utilizing it as my canvas.  I spend a great deal of time selecting the wood and then
I study the shapes my by the
WOOD GRAIN and apply multiple layers
of color, using negative space to create an abstract pattern. 

At the time, I had no concept of the possibilities and power this would bring to the evolution of my work.  Nor did I understand the EMOTIONAL 
PHYSICAL CONNECTION I would experience with this
material.  I have only been able to do this by having an open, and experimental
approach in my studio practice.  In my mind, no art is ever perfected

but through curiosity & practice, evolves and is a process of discovery.

What I have come to understand and respect is the SURPRISE and WONDER wood brings to our lives.  It was once a living organism that we can grow
again and again, knowing that
it will be DIFFERENT no matter how
hard some of us try to make it uniform.  

These paintings are a statement of what is important to me…NATURE.  This work explores the INNER LIFE; the history the wood grain reflects.  I enjoy using those natural patterns to draw out the unique story each piece of wood holds. The ORGANIC fluidity of my work provides me with a deep therapeutic and calming connection to nature.  It is my hope that it provides the same for others.